About Gushi:

We have been serving delicious Korean BBQ and teriyaki in Westwood since 1999. Our teriyaki sauce and salad dressing are homemade with a secret recipe. All our meat is fresh and USDA approved. We use sea salt for some flavoring and never use MSG.

What is Gushi?

Gushi is our easy-to-say name for bulgogi. Bulgogi is a Korean dish that consists of marinated beef. It is tender, sweet, and salty.

What’s the difference between a Plate and a Bowl?

Our Bowls include a bed of white rice and your choice of meat, vegetables, or tofu. Plates include everything in a Bowl plus salad, kimchi, and a medium drink.

Can I replace the salad, kimchi, or medium drink in a Plate for something else?

Yes! Feel free to replace any of those items for something of equal price. For example, many customers order Plates with double salad instead of kimchi or a miso soup instead of a medium drink.